"Finding the answer is easy. Applying that answer to your situation is what takes analysis, creativity, resourcefulness, and guidance."

--T. L. Curtis, CEO of Volo Press and Independent Author


If you are considering becoming a full-time, independent author or are having some trouble as you're getting started, get some of your questions answered by someone who's actually been through the process on her own--T. L. Curtis! 

Fee is per 30 minutes of Q and A via phone or in-person (if you live / will be in / around the Decatur, Georgia area). 30 minutes is often more than enough time for a newbie to get their basic questions answered and walk away from the conversation with decisions to make and homework to do in order to begin their writing career with more confidence and focus. 


Common questions new authors have asked include: 


How do I start publishing my work? 

How can I get my work proofread, critiqued, and / or reviewed for cheap / free? 

How do I create the front matter elements of my books (copyright info, Library of Congress number, ISBN, etc.)?

What is a realistic expectation of income for a new independent author? 


How do I use the Internet to help boost sales and exposure without compromising my own privacy or security? 


With ample experience in retail services, psychotherapy, education, customer service, and publishing, T. L. Curtis can help you come up with a game plan for how you can star the type of literary career that best suits your personal needs and help you avoid many of the mistakes that she made when she was first starting out. 




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