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"Feign II: The Downfall is another brilliant collection of poetry brought to us by the sharp-tongued goddess of wit and real-talk." --Mackenna J. 


Advance reviewers agree that Feign II is another varied, exciting, and powerful collection of poetry and lyrics from T. L. Curtis. Whether you are a veteran reader of poetry or don't generally read poetry, you'll be likely to find your next favorite piece in this anthology. 

More reviewer comments: 

"I felt inspired, happy and giddy while I read this book." --Sara H. 

"Even if you're not into poetry, you might find yourself relating to the poems more than you thought you would; I know I did!" --Susan B. 

"I was drawn in immediately by her interesting narrative and the upbeat rhythm of her words." --Palmer C. 

"...this “collection” tells a story, one of heartbreak and the dark depths to which we can fall when our world, our light, leaves us forever." --Kenneth B. 

"Feign II opens on a strong note with 'I Hate Myself', a powerful poem encapsulating the all too familiar feelings of self-doubt and self-loathing." --Tara L. 

"With Curtis' powerful voice, I would recommend this book of poetry to people who would like a smooth introduction to the world of poetry!" --Melissa H. 

"Relax, have a glass of wine, & enjoy "Feign II The Downfall", by T.L. Curtis. Her collection of 20 poems gives us a glimpse into the many phases of love." --Vickie D. 

"This Book Feign ll: the Downfall proved to be a spectacular book of poetry that peeps right into the soul of the reader." --Francesca M.


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I don't like sad poetry.

The title of this review, is nothing but the truth. With a tagline like “The Downfall” it's hardly a wonder this book is filled with poems that are frankly, just downers. They convey sorrow and hopelessness. No two ways about it. That said. Don't be fooled about my opinion. This book really pleasantly surprised me. I'm generally NOT a fan of poetry or sad stories, in fact I've only ever bought one poetry book in my entire life, and I didn't even buy it on my own, it was for a school assignment. But I liked another book by this author (Show Her) so I wanted to give it a chance. I wasn't disappointed. Despite what I've said, that most of the poems in this book are far from happy, they are also in my mind overall COMPLETELY personable and relatable. I actually walked away with many favorites. This book even managed to give me a few laugh out loud moments, like in 'Fuck The Spectators' which incidentally also was a breath of fresh air, in a book that was overall, like I said, a downer. I also totally felt the love with 'You Like You' which was sweet and romantic, it was a positive poem, I'd melt if someone had written it for me. I will point out though, that there are a few poems that to me weren't relatable, like 'The ATL Waltz' or 'Piso Mojado', but I'm inclined to think that it's simply because they are about experiences that I haven't had. They still have an air about them, that make me feel like they'd be relatable to someone else. Overall I liked this book and would recommend it. If you are someone who likes poetry, then it's practically guaranteed you'll like this book. Especially if you like deep poems that call for reflection. If poems aren't your thing, but you enjoy stories (because, yes, these are technically poems, but they paint pretty complete pictures, so I don't think it's completely out of line to call them stories) that call for analysis, than you'll likely also enjoy this book. If you like poems or stories that are upfront about their meaning and are only positive, then this book is one you should probably pass on.