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Basic Promotional Services: $30

  • 1 Volo-Press.com blog post to recommend your book.

  • Social media posts recommending your book at Facebook (Volo Press, The MSSW, The Den, Feign, and Show Her), Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Wordpress.

Add-ons and Upgrades

Twitter Cycle (+ $20): A week of a Tweet about your book being pinned to the top of the Volo Press Twitter profile. 

Facebook Giveaway (+ $30): A follow-up post regarding a giveaway of your book to one or more engaged (like, shared, or commented) person on the Volo Press Facebook page. Giveaway will be announced and moderated on the Volo Press Facebook page, but you will be responsible for fulfilling the delivery of giveaway items to winner(s). 

LinkedIn Pulse Post (+ $40): A dedicated Pulse article about you and your book after an email interview with you. 

Blog Corner (+ $50): Advertise your book on the top corner of the Volo-Press.com blog for one week.

Gold Upgrade (+ $75): All of the above + Twitter cycle lasts two weeks instead of one + 2 Facebook giveaways + 2 weeks in the blog corner

Diamond Upgrade (+ $120): All of the above + a full review of your book on Volo-Press.com and all Volo Press social media, including a YouTube video + a 4-week Twitter cycle + 4 Facebook giveaways (one per week) + 4 weeks in the blog corner. You must submit a copy of your book if you would like to purchase this package and have it read and review on the blog. 


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